• How to get there:
    Road 1 and the gravel road down to the beach
  • Difficulty:
    Easy Breezy
  • Duration:
    Stay as long as you like :)

One of the most Instagrammed scene in Iceland is this Douglas Dakota DC plane that crashed on Solheimasandur. The plane makes a great backdrop along with the black sand and the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, so no wonder this spot is so popular. This was a hidden gem but now you can almost guarantee to meet a lot of fellow plane lovers while visiting.

The plane crashed at the beach around 1970-75. It was owned by the US Army and was on a cargo flight from the US army base in Keflavik to Hofn when it crashed.

You have to have your eyes open to find the road that leads to the plane wreck. If you are driving road 1 from Reykjavik you should start looking for the road to the right shortly after you have passed the Skogafoss waterfall.

The plane makes a great playground. We challenge you to climb on top of the plane to get the best picture with the glacier in the background.

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