• How to get there:
    Road 47 to Botnsdalur in Hvalfjörður
  • Difficulty:
    Hiking: Easy, Biking: Super Technical
  • Duration:
    2-3 hours

Glymur is the highest waterfall in Iceland, hidden deep inside the “Hvalfjörður” fjord. It’s a beautiful hike up to the waterfall, with marked trails. There are trails on both sides of the river so it’s recommended to take a ring trip: Cross the river at the bottom, hike up to the waterfall, cross the river again above the waterfall and take the other side back down. At the bottom there is a small bridge over the river which the trails leads to. The bridge is taken down over the winter months but no worries, there is another bridge, all year round, little bit further down the river. There is no bridge at the top but we managed to jump from stone to stone over the river or bike over it.

The mountain biking is not recommended for people with a fear of heights. The trail is super technical, with a fair bit of steep hills and tricky turns.