• How to get there:
    Road 1 to Akureyri, ride to Kjarnaskógur
  • Difficulty:
  • Duration:
    45 min

Kjarnaskogur forest is located very close to Akureyri, the biggest city in the North of Iceland. Ambitious locals have built this great mini North Shore Bike Trail in the Kjarnaskógur forest with lots of nice burns and bridges.

The trail is marked “Hjólabraut” (in English: Bike Track) and is located in the south end of Kjarnaskógur. It’s a nice and flowy singletrail with mini north shore bridges.

This trail has been build by locals, HFA bike club. It takes around 45 min. to ride the Kjarnaskogur bike trail.

If you want a longer ride then the locals have recently added to the top part. You need to ride up to Hlíðarfjall, which is one of the biggest ski areas in Iceland, and is located in the mountain above Akureyri. From there starts a down hill trail that drops from Hlíðarfjall down to Glerá river. You cross the the river over an old bridge and follow that trail up to “Fálkafell” hut. From there you see over both Akureyri and Kjarnaskóður. It’s all down hill from Fálkafell and you will soon hit the Kjarnaskógur bike trail. The whole trail takes 3-4 hours.

If you find your self in Akureyri, you have to do this one.

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