• How to get there:
    On the way to Borgarfjörður Eystra. Road Number 94
  • Difficulty:
    Hiking: Easy. Biking: No Trails, rocky
  • Duration:
    4-6 hours

The most beautiful place in Iceland in our opinion!

The name Stórurð translates to “The Giant Boulders” and consists of huge glacier boulders and amazing green ponds underneath one of the most beautiful mountain in Iceland, Dyrfjöll, (or Door Mountains). Iceland’s most famous painter, Kjarval, frequently painted pictures of the mountain.

There is a small sign and a parking space on road 94. There is no obvious track so if you are going on your mountain bike you have to be patient, the landscape is extremely rocky. We would actually recommend to just hike, not going on the bike.

It’s an easy 2-3 hour walk from the road to “Borgarfjörður Eystri” town to Stórurð. We recommend really exploring the area once you are there. Jump between the huge boulders, or even better, take a dip in one of the ponds.

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