• How to get there:
    Road F235
  • Difficulty:
    Hiking: Easy, but steep. Biking: Difficult, narrow trail
  • Duration:
    Up and down, around 2-3 hours

Standing on top of the mountain Sveinstindur in good weather opens up an amazing view, it’s probably one of the best viewpoint in the country. You will see over the Vatnajokull glacier, look over the black desert in the middle of the country with it’s many volcano mountain tops and of course look down on the green “Langisjor” lake.

It’s a relatively short hike up to the top but it’s a little steep. The view makes it all worth it. We have mountain biked down there but it’s only for the more experienced as the trail down is technical.

Trailing over the lake, Langisjór, the mountain Sveinstindur is a great peak in the middle of Iceland, very near to Vatnajökull glacier. It is not a long hike but from there you have amazing view over the middle of Iceland. There is a marked trail up the mountain. At times it is very steep and rocky.

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