A Journey Through Iceland's Lonsoraefi Trail

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The Lonsoraefi Trail is a hidden gem nestled in the southeast of Iceland, offering a distant hiking journey of around 85 kilometers through pristine landscapes. Known for its geological and vegetational contrasts, the trail meanders through a vast uninhabited area adorned with richly colored landscapes, dominated by rhyolite. It's a realm where minerals grace the terrain and reindeer roam freely, making Lonsoraefi not just a trail, but a spectacle of natural wonders.

Natural Splendors of Lonsoraefi

Embarking on this trail, hikers find themselves amidst one of the largest protected areas in Iceland—the Lonsoraefi nature reserve, which spans approximately 320 square kilometers. It's an expanse equivalent to a national park, enveloped by towering mountain ranges that soar over 1000 meters, blanketed with snow and guarded by glaciers with surge glacier outlets, embodying the quintessence of untouched nature.

Comfort Amidst Wilderness

The trail embraces the wilderness yet offers a touch of comfort with well-equipped mountain huts scattered along the route. Supported with logistics, the trail encourages light travel where the daily hiking essentials weigh no more than 7 to 10 kilograms. This aspect underscores the balance between adventure and comfort, making the Lonsoraefi Trail a welcoming escapade for both seasoned and novice hikers.

The Hiking Journey

The journey typically stretches over five days, beginning at Snæfellsskáli and concluding at Stafafell farm. Graded as a moderate walk and a backpacking trail, it's an adventure that unveils the untouched beauty of Iceland, making every step a narrative of nature's grandeur.


Whether you are a solo adventurer or a group of explorers, the Lonsoraefi Trail is a call to the wild, a call to explore the unexplored, and immerse in a journey that's as enriching as it is exhilarating. With every bend, the trail unfolds a new chapter of Iceland's magnificent outdoors, making the Lonsoraefi Trail not just a hiking trail, but a journey through nature's untouched splendors.

This adventure awaits in the Lonsoraefi Trail, where the untouched terrains of Iceland promise a hiking experience that's as raw as it is rewarding. Every step is a story waiting to be told, every scenery is a canvas painted by nature's finest hues.

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