Discovering Tranquility: A Trek Up the Moskardshnjukar Trail

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Nestled in the heart of Iceland's picturesque wilderness is the serene Móskarðshnjúkar Trail, a trek that promises to transcend the mundane. Situated near the quaint town of Mosfellsbær in the capital region, this trail presents a moderately challenging venture for those eager to explore the Icelandic outdoors.

Trail Overview

Stretching over a distance of approximately 6.9 to 7 kilometers, the Móskarðshnjúkar Trail is an out-and-back route that typically takes adventurers around 3 to 4 hours to complete. It's a journey well spent, with the trail catering not only to avid hikers but also to backpackers and mountain bikers. Even during popular trekking times, the trail retains a sense of solitude, with quieter times of day offering a more private communion with nature.

Scenic Rewards

As trekkers ascend the trail, they are gradually embraced by the tranquil beauty of the landscape. The destination is well worth the journey; upon reaching the summit, hikers are rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree vista. The peaks, with their unique brown hue, stand as majestic silhouettes against the sky, visible from great distances.

Location and Accessibility

The trail itself is nestled in the southwestern corner of Iceland, adjacent to the famed Mt. Esja. It's a locale that beckons not just to the locals but also to visitors from Reykjavík City, which offers a clear view of the mountain. The accessibility of Móskarðshnjúkar is further enhanced for those on self-drive tours, allowing for a flexible exploration of this Icelandic jewel.

Preparation for the Trek

Preparation enhances the experience on the Móskarðshnjúkar Trail. It's advised to don good shoes and carry walking sticks, as they significantly contribute to a more enjoyable trek. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is also prudent, ensuring that trekkers are greeted with favorable conditions as they embark on this journey.

Geological Intrigue

A notable feature of this trail is its rhyolite summits, belonging to the Esja mountain range. These geological wonders are located close to Reykjavík, adding a touch of geological intrigue to the scenic trek.


Trekking the Móskarðshnjúkar Trail is more than just a physical endeavor. It's an invitation to immerse oneself in the tranquil and pristine landscapes of Iceland. The trail's proximity to Reykjavík City and its moderate level of challenge make it an attractive choice for those looking to explore the untouched beauty of Iceland on foot. Each step on the Móskarðshnjúkar Trail brings with it a promise of serenity and a closer bond with the natural splendor of Iceland.

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