• How to get there:
    South-East of Iceland, road F980
  • Difficulty:
  • Duration:

Lónsöræfi is a colorful wilderness area in the South-East of Iceland. We have never seen as many colors in the mountains as we saw there. It’s just unbelievable.

This is a place where you can spend multiple days following trails and climbing new mountains. We spent 4 days there in the Summer of 2013 and are certain we must be back.

The tricky part is that you have to cross a huge river in order to get there. You must be on a car with big wheels. It’s best to cross the rivers in the mornings when the stream is at a lowpoint. At the time we were driving a car with small wheels so we were kind of stressed to cross the huge river. We camped next to the river and walked along it the night before debating where was the ideal crossing point. Then bright and yearly next day we made our way over the river. Everything went fine but shiiii… this river is huge.

After you cross the river you drive the most awesome, scenic mountain road over “Illikambur” (road F980). This road is not for people that are afraid of heights. We can safely safe that this is one of the most extreme mountain roads in Iceland.

There is a recent bridge for walkers over the “Jökulsá í Lóni” river that’s also an access point. It’s probably around one day walk from the bridge the the “Lónsöræfi” area, but certainly a very scenic walk along the glacier river. Then you can leave your car by the bridge and don’t have to worry about crossing the river.

There are mountain huts run by The Iceland Touring Association in the area that you can stay in but we would recommend bringing your tend and enjoy the bright summer nights outdoors.

There are no words to describe this place. Just. GO !


Here you can find description of some the hiking trails.
Here you can find info about how to access via car or public transit.

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