• How to get there:
    Road 36 to Þingvellir then turn left to Road 434
  • Difficulty:
    Medium, both for Skiing and biking
  • Duration:
    2-3 hours, up and down

You can see Moskardshnjukar mountain from Reykjavik. It’s the almost yellow mountain tops next to mountain Esja. Moskardshnjukar mountain is an outdoor heaven for Reykjavik natives as it is right in Reykjavik’s backyard, only 15-20 min drive from downtown Reykjavik. It’s also very rewarding to climb one of the three peaks. On a bright day you see over all of Reykjavik.

We love this mountain any time of the year. In the summer we hike it or take our bike for a spin from the light colored mountain tops. In winter it’s the perfect place for backcountry skiing. Actually it has become so popular for skiers that you can usually see groups of them when the sun shines on the short winter days.

To get there you drive the road 36 to Þingvellir and then turn left right after “Gljufrasteinn” farm. It’s a gravel road but it’s doable on an average car. No river crossing, but you might find mud after rainy days! In the winter time you can’t drive the whole way to the mountain so you have to park by a nearby farm and ski for about 20-30 min to reach the mountain.

Mountain Biking and Hiking

There is an obvious trail from the car park. Very easy hike to the top.

If you bring your bike you’re offered fast, single track. The very top has loose rocks and narrow hairpin turns, not for entry level riders.

Trail is open for MTB from June to Oct.

Backcountry Skiing

Moskardshnjukar mountain is ideal for backcountry skiing. There is an obvious and easy hike up half the mountain. Then you can choose between 3 different mountain tops. All of them offer great rides down. What we especially recommend is skiing through a small gorge close to the bottom of the mountain, if there is enough snow you can easily jump over a waterfall located in the gorge.

Best for skiing between December and March.

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